Đầu dò khí Carbon Horing NDKA1


  • Carbon Monoxide is as an invisible killer for its colorless, odorless, tasteless and highly toxic gas. It will reduce the oxygen in body’s hemoglobin and cause damage to the brain. Our NDKA1 is equipped with a precise and low power-consumption sensor. With high efficiency microprocessor-based analysis, it can be triggered under different carbon monoxide concentrations.
  • Test button for alarm simulation.
  • Green LED to confirm the unit is under normal operation.
  • Triple-color LED display with high brightness enables viewers to easily identify the status of detector.
  • Two modes of the Alarm LED in visible and audible warning to easily identify the status.
  • Three modes of the Fault LED in visible and audible warning to easily identify the causes.
  • Home: The heating installation such as gas water heater or stove is easy to combust incompletely and then produces CO.
  • Parking lots and garage: the scooter/cars or engine machine exhausts fumes with high concentration of CO in an enclosed space.
  • Fire: Smolder is a kind of incomplete combustion. It often occurs before and after the fire as a disaster and produce a large amount of CO.
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